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Where am I?

left: art by droqen, middle: art by inane, right: art by xion

Probability 0 was the first game I finished — and I’m about to finish it again, except in Flash instead of Python. Also, it’s going to be about a million times better with: fewer bugs, more variety, and better balance. It’s well on its way and now I’m just trying to figure out what to do about this manual I’m creating for it — the game is done, but the physical manual isn’t. Should I wait to release them together?

Fishbane 2 is another serious thing I’m working on — and, ridiculously enough, it’s also a ‘new version’ of an old game. I made Fishbane shortly after the original Probability 0. It’s been hanging out on the back burner for a while; I’m excited to get to work on it again.

BLOCK FUCKER (working title) is the most absurd game of the bunch: it’s a ROGUELIKE MATCH-3 SOKOBAN… thing. It’s not yet fully realized but this is fun little prototype I’m keeping all to myself :)


… wow, check out that blue/green background that every one of those games has. coincidence? PROBABLY NOT


Probability 0 Revisited

There just might be a very special person making the art… what a mystery

Currently I have:
Movement and jumping
Single basic enemy
(no injuries or attacks to anything yet)
Full solid-block-only level gen that runs at ridiculously perfect speeds.

Currently the scroll speed is at 0.5 pixels per frame,
but changing that to a blinding 32 pixels per frame doesn’t even make the FPS blink;
this includes pathfinding to ensure there is always, always an open-air path through the whole game. Forever. And ever.

Look forward! And by the way: this Revisited version is being made in Flash and it will not just be a port– even putting aside the graphics, there will be changes. And they will be beautiful.

—> In other news, I have utterly failed at making games for probably the past month or so.

ILU, P0, RM.

I Live Underground: I really, really want to work on this game over the summer. And I will.

Probability 0: I’m going to port this to flash. I want to get it out to a broader audience, because I can imagine a lot of people who would enjoy it simply can’t be bothered to download nineteen megabytes of executable — or, worse, the people without Windows… they suffer. Flash is way more accessible and maybe I’ll get it licensed or something!

RM: It’s a secret to everybody. Reverse Metroidvania

Personal Progress: Music, Games.

Have a song of mine!


So I like making music, and frequently I find my own music quite sub-par but I kinda like this music that I’ve made for no specific reason. It’s strange how I can make music with no reason whatsoever, but I can very rarely do so with programming or pixel art.


Okay. Games. A sequel to Probability 0? Yes… it’s still in mind, but not down anywhere. It’ll happen, I promise you that, but it may not be too soon.

I’ve been working on a few things such as

  • A smaller Roguelike which does things in a simpler but more… complex… way?
  • An RPG combat system that attempts to be more interesting than the usual fare.
  • A weird shmup that focuses on obscuring yourself from the view of an onlooker.

I will try to post a bit more :x

I’ve been much too stolen away by Haven and Hearth recently.