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Where am I?

left: art by droqen, middle: art by inane, right: art by xion

Probability 0 was the first game I finished — and I’m about to finish it again, except in Flash instead of Python. Also, it’s going to be about a million times better with: fewer bugs, more variety, and better balance. It’s well on its way and now I’m just trying to figure out what to do about this manual I’m creating for it — the game is done, but the physical manual isn’t. Should I wait to release them together?

Fishbane 2 is another serious thing I’m working on — and, ridiculously enough, it’s also a ‘new version’ of an old game. I made Fishbane shortly after the original Probability 0. It’s been hanging out on the back burner for a while; I’m excited to get to work on it again.

BLOCK FUCKER (working title) is the most absurd game of the bunch: it’s a ROGUELIKE MATCH-3 SOKOBAN… thing. It’s not yet fully realized but this is fun little prototype I’m keeping all to myself :)


… wow, check out that blue/green background that every one of those games has. coincidence? PROBABLY NOT


An Experiment in Breathing

Games are rules which you follow voluntarily — or they were, before the advent of THE COMPUTERIZED GAMETECH EXPERIENCE.

Asphyx was designed to push a little at the barrier a lot of us have never really realized was there.

Asphyx Screenshot

So give it a try. I set some rules into place: don’t breathe unless I tell you to. Of course, I don’t want you to die; if you do need to breathe, a painless keystroke sends you back to the last dry spot. It’s not my game, anymore: it’s yours. Cheat as you will — only you will have to live with that guilt for one thousand years.

The Joy of Creation

When making a game

is one ‘working on it’ or ‘playing with it’?

Remind yourself of what you’d like to be doing, and how you’d like to feel, once in a while. It’s good for you.



I made a game called…
Don't Lose Your Head

Don’t Lose Your Head

I made it in Game Maker after not making anything in it for a while, and it was a pretty refreshing experience. I threw it together in two days — and while it definitely made a lot of things easier, I’d still stick with my current setup for a whole host of reasons.

But it revived my trust in GM as a really nice starting point; then again, I also learned a bit of MMF2 a few days ago and that went really smoothly too!

Anyway. Without further ado, I present to you

THE SOURCE CODE (warning: there may be some minor differences :x)

Also it’s for game maker 8, so take that into account if you need to use some version-alteration utilities!

100th; Click On It

i miss my balloon

Simultaneity is a cool word.

I am working on so many games. So many.

Also, I went to TOJam this past weekend and oh my god it was amazing, seriously.

So, am I less productive now that I’m working on so many games at once? Definitely. Definitely, but I’m not sure if it’s the cause or not. I’ve discovered that without something to procrastinate, game making ends up being my procrastination target. Oh shit.

Not to say I really ‘procrastinate’ at school anymore, but it’s something I am supposed to do and, instead, don’t. (i.e. pay attention)

Anyway, five games at the same time is ridiculous. It’s time to finish one, already.

so here’s how it goes…

A preliminary (competition) build of Fortress Revolution.

N?na, Ha?e F?aith and the power of certain things.

The power of time limits:
When I limit myself to making a game in a short time, shit gets done. I would assume a similar principle applies to most people — especially those who practice procrastination. If the time limit gets too long, however, procrastination kicks back in. I think that as you become less reliant on procrastination and become more organized, you can handle longer deadlines (a week or two is perfect for me, which isn’t ideal). Certain people seem able to focus on a single project for years. I’m not one of those people. (As the time limit shortens, an entirely separate skill sets in — speed in productivity?)

The power of unclarity:
That’s definitely a real word. The ‘language’ of N?H?F? (official acronym?) arose from my indecision on something that barely even made it into the game: what would I call N?na’s “home dimension”? The other two were ‘Ene’ and ‘Alus’ (blue and red, ‘good’ and ‘bad’, respectively). I thought ‘Sol’ was a great name, but it was… the name of our sun. Great. So I whipped up a crazy-looking character since I didn’t really like Zol or Bol or anything I could think of. Make the first letter indistinct, and you don’t have to worry about the exact name!
From there, I made a font and just replaced whatever letter I felt like with alternate characters. Sometimes it was just because I couldn’t make the real character look good! I added a handful of random characters (mapped to 0-9) and then set up some very, very loose rules in my mind. Thus, the unclear text of N?H?F? was born. I liked the lack of clarity because it meant I could say things that didn’t quite make sense. It’s not english or any real language, so who cares how correct I am? If someone reads something else, they might still get the gist of what I meant to say. If they get something that makes no sense (even if it’s what I was thinking of originally!) then it can be dismissed (usually) as bad ‘translation’.

When information is not transmitted clearly and precisely (I think this is a very important part of “show, don’t tell”), the viewer/user/player has a chance to interpret things themselves. This, um, ‘unclarity’ becomes a vehicle for imagination — within bounds. If I need to make something clear, I do — but otherwise it’s allowed to be fuzzy and left to interpretation.


The power of… playing the game:
Click! (game link coming back soon!)


I think that’s it. Droqen out.

Blank Mind & Interview

Okay I guess I’m kind of in the middle of Probability Zeroing. There’s to be no LMSD this Sunday ):

But seriously this is kind of awesome so check out my first interview ever! :3

I Have Overcome

Maybe not forever, but for just a moment I overcame my inability to keep on truckin’.

I started creating a game, a co-op platformer, and I entitled its thread In Two Weeks because I had a deadline, and because I didn’t yet have a name.
“In One Week” was the next thread name, edited. Then, eventually, I got down to the last few days and I realized I can finish this!

But the thing I really overcame was my overwhelming doubt. At one point I just didn’t feel like the game was fun, or that it would be fun. I think this was before I put enemies down. I kind of pushed past that difficulty and ended up with a really cool deathless (for the players, anyway) combat system! Yay!

So I set a deadline (sept 15th) and got it done (… mostly). I am allowed to be proud of myself at this moment, right? I did that for ludum dare as well, not so long ago, but that was on a much smaller scale! Pat yourself on the back, Droqen, for a job well done.

~ oh and the game will be out someday or something. I’ll give you some news later on.