Lose Your Way

[luːz yɔr weɪ] • imperative statement


Fail but with your own style; suffer defeat but in a way that is all your own. If a game can grant you ownership over death, what have you to fear? Design for death and failure; don’t avoid it.


Refuse to be railroaded. Become lost and discover the things that the designer didn’t want you to see — or discover something that was put there just for wanderers such as yourself. Make games that appreciate the wanderer.


Wander off the path as a designer. Don’t stick to designs you know are safe, or the things you’ve been working on for so long that they’re all you can remember how to do. If you lose yourself in creativity, you will find something new. I promise that you will find something more interesting; if you look long enough you may even find something better.

I write about games here, and I make them here, at DROQEN.COM


6 responses to “Lose Your Way

  • Ahmed Abdel Samea

    Hey Droqen,
    How are you ? I’m Ahmed Abdel Samea (aka Amidos2006) and I am a big fan for u :) I dlove ur work :) Nice :)

    How fishbane is going :-??

    Just another question do u know good musician can collab with me in my Pace Maker Flash Game and I will pay for them after I get a sposor for the game :S as I am broke :S

    I tried contacting JMickle he was so helpful but he just want some cash to be sure that I am serious and after sposoring pay the rest :)

    So If there is no way I will try to get some money from friends and get the music done.

    Sorry for disturbance :) and I apperciate ur help :)

    And keep going on gaming u rocks :)

  • Droqen

    Fishbane is going just great; thanks!
    If you are having difficulty finding a good musician to collab with, I have two suggestions:
    1. Make it yourself! There are some great free music-making programs out there nowadays. Check out Musagi.
    2. Go to tigsource’s forums (or other forums, but this one is the forum I am most intimately familiar with).
    You should check out the “Unpaid Collaborations” board, under “Jobs” — if you don’t already have an account there, make one and post in the “Obligatory Introduce Yourself Thread” (General board).

    Good luck, I hope your game goes well :]

  • seanamadio

    Hey Droqen its SeanA from tigsource, just wanted to say that I’m going to subscribe to your blog. That is all.

  • Olivia


    I’m contacting you today with regards to the possibility of becoming a guest blogger for https://loseyourway.wordpress.com. I consider myself a bit of a technophile and have written a number of guest posts on other blogs.

    I have a few guest post ideas for your blog and if any of them sound like they’d strike a chord with your reader base please let me know and I’ll get writing!
    My article will be related to ben 10 games. What do you think about these? If you’re interested, I am happy to get something written up and sent over to you – or if you have another topic you’d like to see covered, I am more than happy to write on that.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Olivia Kane

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