A Puff of Vapour

Starseed Steam

Starseed Pilgrim is now available on Steam! Remember when Steam was just an annoying gateway between you and some Counter-Strike 1.6? Sure has come a long way! Maybe if you practice hard enough, you can join Jon Blow’s Starseed clan. Not a lot to say here that hasn’t already been said, so here’s some other stuff we recommend.

Evolution of the Pilgrim

Evolution of the Pilgrim Design

Get Bonus

Here’s a hastily made TrueType font based on the poem typeface from the game. Assemble your own corny existential-futurist rhyming verse, in style!


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7 responses to “A Puff of Vapour

  • taupsi

    I’m very interested in your “Probabilty 0 + Friends”-Bundle, especially Starseed Pilgrim and want to support you directly. The point of this post: Do I get a Steamkey if I buy directly from you?

    • Droqen

      Short answer: Yes, definitely, absolutely.

      Long answer: Yes, but not as immediately as if you bought through steam–I don’t have any steam keys yet but the moment I do, you’ll be getting your key!

  • davidgoodasse (@davidgoodasse)

    I bought starseed pilgrim here a while ago but sometimes I forget to play it BECAUSE IT WAS NOT ON STEAM @_@
    Anyway I would also be interested in a steam key. Will we get it automagically or do we need to request it to you directly ?

    Btw amazing game.


  • halken

    Hey dorqen,

    What program do you recommend for pixel art? I’m thinking of gimp but I’m not sure.

    • Offal

      Dorken does indeed use Gimp.

      A few other options:

      For Windows, GraphicsGale is pretty great. It’s inexpensive and the free version is only missing a few export options. Cosmigo Pro Motion is pricier, but more full-featured.

      On OSX, there’s Pixen, and the old school Grafx2 runs on pretty much everything.

      Unless you have specific tools and limitations in mind though, nearly any graphics program that lets you zoom and disable smoothing/anti-aliasing should work fine! It’s mostly just a matter of figuring out what works best for you.

      Edit: Starseed Pilgrim’s artist Renton used Photoshop, agrees that pretty much any other software will do.

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