Fishbane + Friends

P0 + Friends

When Fishbane was released on Newgrounds two years ago, a lot of people asked for a downloadable version. At the time, site-specific licensing complicated the issue. No longer! You can now download Fishbane for offline play, as part of a bundle of other (previously unreleased) games, headlined by the stellar Probability 0.

Besides two short new quests by Alex (Droqen) and I, three longer-form quests were contributed by three other local game devs. Each brought their own unique design-sense to the game, and have introduced fresh puzzles and novel environments to explore.

Chris de Carteret is a hobbyist Flash developer with a keen eye for animation and design. He released vocab puzzler Word Vine in 2008, and has since amassed an impressive variety of genre-spanning prototypes. His quest ‘Siege Machine’ introduces new puzzle concepts to the game, and is rich in atmosphere. It opens with a focus on a unique harpoon-driven contraption that acts as both platform obstacle and beat-sequencer, something akin to Queasy Games’ Sound Shapes (incidentally another game on which Alex worked as programmer), and expands from there.

Damian Sommer is the designer of a variety of free downloadable and browser games, and is currently at work on his first commercial project, The Clown Who Wanted Everything. His quest ‘Island Soujourn’ focuses primarily on pacing, building a ‘Knytt Stories’-style narrative continuity out of environmental cues and inhabiting creatures.

Cale Bradbury is a Flash developer and designer of various projects including portal hit Snakes on a Cartesian Plane. His quest ‘Moonlit Grotto’ is a tough-as-nails extrapolation of previously untapped harpoon mechanics, tied together by an ominous midnight motif.

These bonus quests, as well as all of the original levels, are available for immediate download on purchase of the Probability 0 + Friends pack.

P0 + Friends

Impressions of Probability 0:

Probability 0 Is A Brutal Platformer With Roguelike Charms – Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Probability 0 Wants You Dead – PC Gamer

In addition to Fishbane, Probability 0 + Friends bundles…

Starseed Pilgrim

Starseed Pilgrimfeaturing Sounds by Ryan Roth, Visions by Mert Batırbaygil



PirattitudeCo-designed by Jason Kaplan, Art by Tyriq Plummer


Chris, Damian, Cale, and Alex are regulars at Bento Miso‘s bimonthly Games with Friends event, where they record the Secret Twins Club podcast, fielding questions and discussing their goings on. Check them out for tips on a P0 + Friends discount!


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