Where am I?

left: art by droqen, middle: art by inane, right: art by xion

Probability 0 was the first game I finished — and I’m about to finish it again, except in Flash instead of Python. Also, it’s going to be about a million times better with: fewer bugs, more variety, and better balance. It’s well on its way and now I’m just trying to figure out what to do about this manual I’m creating for it — the game is done, but the physical manual isn’t. Should I wait to release them together?

Fishbane 2 is another serious thing I’m working on — and, ridiculously enough, it’s also a ‘new version’ of an old game. I made Fishbane shortly after the original Probability 0. It’s been hanging out on the back burner for a while; I’m excited to get to work on it again.

BLOCK FUCKER (working title) is the most absurd game of the bunch: it’s a ROGUELIKE MATCH-3 SOKOBAN… thing. It’s not yet fully realized but this is fun little prototype I’m keeping all to myself :)


… wow, check out that blue/green background that every one of those games has. coincidence? PROBABLY NOT


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4 responses to “Where am I?

  • David T. Marchand

    So good! You’ve been hidden for some time and this rebirth feels just right.

    I may invest more time on Probability 0 when it’s a flash game. Die-a-lot games like that are hard to replay after the first twenty deaths if they’re downloadable. I’m kinda sad little David’s going to have an appearance change (was that his name? I ain’t sure anymore), the pixelated version was so nice. But the screenshot looks good too, so I guess I’ll just have to trust this Inane person to make the game awesome looking.

    Looking forward to your stuff.

    • Droqen

      Sorry to disappoint (?) but these are all going to be downloadable despite being flash :D
      I was rather fond of his pixelated appearance too but I think this is for the best o:

      As far as P0 being a die-a-lot game goes, I’ve done a lot to make it easier to get into… you may yet find yourself dying slightly less quickly, if just as much.

    • David T. Marchand

      Oh well, I’m sure I’ll enjoy’em nevertheless. Fishbane was surely a striking experience I would love to have again if there’s enough new stuff to it.

  • Leandro Davel

    Fishbane is one of my favorite games… of all time.
    Everything in that game is awesome, so when I read ‘fishbane 2’ my hearth stopped for a second.
    As much as i loved the original artwork, this one is looking fantastic.

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