A Fresh, New Everything

It’s about time I had a brand new everything! Right? Right!

So, because I needed a brand new everything, I went and did that.

NEW WEBSITE! http://www.droqen.com/

NEW BLOG! Check it out! Right here! Look at this new layout!

OLD GAME! … Oh! Okay, that’s still old. I’m still working on Probability 0, pretty much the first real game I released (which lots of people liked! yay!). But now it’s… in flash. And it’s way more amazing. Look out for it.

This is a hideous excuse for a blog post but whatever: I worked on writing a new about page instead. So… go check that out (‘Lose Your Way’ at the top).


About Droqen

Droqen is a game designer/developer/creator/etc. from Toronto, Ontario. View all posts by Droqen

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