An Experiment in Breathing

Games are rules which you follow voluntarily — or they were, before the advent of THE COMPUTERIZED GAMETECH EXPERIENCE.

Asphyx was designed to push a little at the barrier a lot of us have never really realized was there.

Asphyx Screenshot

So give it a try. I set some rules into place: don’t breathe unless I tell you to. Of course, I don’t want you to die; if you do need to breathe, a painless keystroke sends you back to the last dry spot. It’s not my game, anymore: it’s yours. Cheat as you will — only you will have to live with that guilt for one thousand years.


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3 responses to “An Experiment in Breathing

  • russellbrandon

    Awesome game! Found myself panicking at times and finally had to press esc. Awesome level of immersion for such a simple mechanic. Great job!

  • Asthorak

    Well done!

    Am I the only one coming here from RPS? :D

    And why did they find this just now?

    • Droqen

      For a while I was asking people not to share it because I wanted to apply new sounds and stuff. Then at some point I decided, screw that, and changed the site but by that point everyone who knew about it had played it!

      Then, someone found out about it way later and posted it on, and then someone else posted on RPS.

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