Fortress Watch: a ‘social’ mmorpgish game thing?

DISCLAIMER THIS IS A 3 AM IDEA that i just didn’t want to forget.


Someone starts the game of Fortress Watch and it begins everywhere all at once for everyone.

When you pop into the game, you are on a fortress and you can peer into the distance.

Every so often, a bunch of enemies can be spotted (on the horizon, the edge of the screen, whatever). If you spot them far enough away, you have plenty of time to see them coming.

You can run out and fight enemies, but if your fighting avatar is killed you can’t respawn as a combatant for 24 hours (maybe you can’t even be a lookout). If you want to get more complicated, your wounds might take even longer to heal up to full fighting capacity.

Waves increase over months, and there is a global high score: how long did the largest global, worldwide, fortress stay alive?


The initial idea was: you run the game and it tells you how many people are fortress watching. If you’re the last one and you try to quit it begs: NO, PLEASE! THE FORTRESS NEEDS YOUR WATCHFUL EYES! If you quit anyway, the fortress falls. All your fault. Same thing: global highscore. How long can a fortress stay alive?

Probably best to keep everything simple. Maybe I’ll make this simple version one day soon. Seems like easy practice to wrap my head around internetstuff all over again.


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2 responses to “Fortress Watch: a ‘social’ mmorpgish game thing?

  • Leandro Davel

    Hey, nice idea. Seems promising on paper.
    But, I don’t understand something:

    Is it just one big worldwide fortress?
    Or is it a bunch of them, like different servers?

    I prefer the first one, and I suppose it’s what you are trying to explain here.
    Anyway, as I said, it’s a pretty awesome concept. It would feel like a global colaboration!

    Good luck and good night!

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