Okay. If you’re not in Toronto, scroll down on that page and feel sad that you can’t come in person.
(I wonder if anyone reading my blog lives in Toronto, makes games, AND hasn’t heard of this. Hmm.)

GPC is starting again, the dual-themed week-long jam that gave birth to some of my games (yay) is coming back after missing a month for TOJam!

I am pretty excited, because I derive far too much enjoyment from starting new and new projects all the time.

I should probably be working on Starseed Pilgrim but I guess I’ll just have to wait for it to form on its own (okay, not really — I have been working on it recently!) along with Probability 0.

… speaking of Probability 0, if you make music… get in touch. Secret things. So secret.

Wow, this was a boring blog post >_<

TWO THEMES IS BETTER THAN ONE THEME! (It really is. They're usually an interesting pair, too.)


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