On Main Character Design

I miss Fishbane, the character who came together effortlessly and into someone genuinely interesting ):
(in my opinion, anyway)

All of my other characters feel fairly similar graphically, although Amici Exeunt’s protagonist team was pretty variable.

Probability 0? One-colour guy with dot eyes, no arms, and long stick legs.
Undermine and 100th? One-colour super-short guys with tiny legs, no arms, and similarly dot eyes.
N?na? Slightly taller eyes, bit of shading, still no arms. Cool eye glow when attacking.
Dry Voices? No eyes, one colour. Very low-res, so small legs.

This is not so much an ‘interesting blog post’ as it is ‘a lamenting by Droqen’. It definitely has nothing to do with what I’m doing currently, either.


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