On teaching; on learning.

I just applied for a job that I consider a very cool one — to be an instructor at a camp to teach kids to make computer games.

I won’t try to mislead anyone, so — hello, person who might be checking out all the links on my website from my application. Maybe you came across this! If you did, cool! It’ll be nice to have you see my words in a less formal setting than in a resume or even a kinda-casual cover letter!

Alright, so that aside, I think this post was borne out of two things:

1. Excitement about the possibility of doing a job as awesome as this — second to only the actual creation of games, this is probably one thing I’d like to do above so many others. Sure, I know not all the kids will be interested or capable but I’ll sure as heck do my best to help them make what they want to make.

2. Slight concern that someone is going to come a’looking and spy the profane language on my blog from just a week ago. Goodness. Anyway, if you are, in fact, checking me out to make sure I’m on the level, so to speak, yes, I swear occasionally on the internet. When I do so in real life, people are shocked. This is kind of an interesting tidbit for anyone to hear, maybe; I don’t know.

Anyway, whether or not you’re a possible employer, I hope you’re enjoying the company of my words enough to want some more (yes, I think I have more of a point coming up)…

Right, so, I was making a blog post. Yes, I’ve applied for a cool job, but that’s not the point of the whole post.

I’ve tutored people in lots of things, and I’ve done my best to encourage game making, but not everyone has time — or they have worries about not having enough time (kids, on the other hand… well, their cups often overfloweth). People spend too much time learning what they ‘ought to’ rather than what they want to, and it breaks Droqen’s li’l heart!

I understand that people need to get grades or put food on the table etc. etc. but I know that everyone has their own little pools of free time here and there.

Wait — but I’m talking about teaching, and I’m talking about learning. The teaching is just as important as the learning; without one, the other will fail. Actually, if anything, learning is more important; teaching to deaf ears won’t get you anywhere. Learning from an awful teacher is worthless too, but as long as you learn, you’ll find a teacher — whether it is a friend, a child, or nature itself.

I don’t know what makes one good at teaching, but I think the first step is to be good at learning. Yep. Then again, that’s the first step to becoming good at anything ;)

I lost my point. My point is: Learn everything you can, teach anyone you can (but don’t waste all your time ‘teaching a pig to sing’, so some saying goes).

From learning you will learn to teach — and from teaching you will learn.


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