Fuck advertising in my games.

It is with reluctance that I do not change the title.

Let’s start from the top. eCPM = moneys per 1000 ‘impressions’. As I understand, an ‘eCPM’ of $0.25 is fairly common, but for argument’s sake let’s assume an eCPM of $1.00 (this is being really generous! it’s better than what I’ve seen for either of my games and waay better than what I’ve found to be average in my research).

So pretend I have a game that displays a 10-second ad (this is what Mochi does nowadays). Pretend it’s a very, very small game that takes little to no time to load (this was the case with N?na).

1000 impressions x 10 seconds = ~2.75 hours of ad viewing.

We can tone it down and say that each ad is a still picture that requires, on average, 3 seconds to be viewed and/or dismissed.

That’s still 50 minutes of ad viewing.

I’m getting a dollar (but probably less) for every hour~ish (but probably more) of time wasted (and not even wasted playing a fun game!).

So: fuck it. I’m not gonna waste your time micro-working you for a tiny fraction of minimum wage.

Bye, Mochi!

EDIT —> Even for successful games.


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