In Which I Remember Old Projects

I Live Underground – Unfinished. Paused.
In Tandem (new version) – Abandoned.
Overworld Overlord – Unfinished. Paused.
Time Capsule – Abandoned, but not lost.
Whale of Noise – Abandoned.
Navdi – Unfinished. Paused.

Probability 0 – Fantastic.
FISHBANE – Fantastic again.
Amici Exeunt – Finished, fantastic, but nowhere.

Always learn.
Never forget.

I Live Underground: I learned how painful AI can be.
In Tandem: I learned the importance of balancing asymmetrical co-op. I learned that I can actually use derivates for something.
Overworld Overlord: I learned that I can only make platformers |:
Time Capsule: I learned limiting my designs to always taking place in the same space can be a challenge.
Whale of Noise: I learned that building a game off of graphics and feelings isn’t a good way to do things.
Navdi: I learned that I can actually draw pretty fantastic sprites sometimes. Yet to learn from my mistakes because while this is on hold, I haven’t done enough to fail.



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2 responses to “In Which I Remember Old Projects

  • Droqen

    Leaving a comment on your own blog post? What poor class!

    I was reminded of: Elda! Fantastic! I loved Elda and I still do.


  • Maxim

    All I can say is, finish as many of those projects as you can! They all promise splendid art and gameplay. And get Amici Exeunt published! ^^

    Keep it up, everyone loves your work!

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