I Have Overcome

Maybe not forever, but for just a moment I overcame my inability to keep on truckin’.

I started creating a game, a co-op platformer, and I entitled its thread In Two Weeks because I had a deadline, and because I didn’t yet have a name.
“In One Week” was the next thread name, edited. Then, eventually, I got down to the last few days and I realized I can finish this!

But the thing I really overcame was my overwhelming doubt. At one point I just didn’t feel like the game was fun, or that it would be fun. I think this was before I put enemies down. I kind of pushed past that difficulty and ended up with a really cool deathless (for the players, anyway) combat system! Yay!

So I set a deadline (sept 15th) and got it done (… mostly). I am allowed to be proud of myself at this moment, right? I did that for ludum dare as well, not so long ago, but that was on a much smaller scale! Pat yourself on the back, Droqen, for a job well done.

~ oh and the game will be out someday or something. I’ll give you some news later on.


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Droqen is a game designer/developer/creator/etc. from Toronto, Ontario. View all posts by Droqen

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