Let’s Beat Fishbane (by paste) & I METanet



I love it so much.
There’s really something special about watching someone play through an entire game I’ve created (almost all by myself). Offal seemed to enjoy it too. He’s going to be guest blog post writing someday soon (probably).
Paste has really done something cool; he plays through the game with a lot of commentary — it’s usually pretty entertaining, and sometimes really entertaining. So check it out! :D


Other stuff: I met Mare and Raigan of Metanet Software and it was awesome.

I guess I don’t know what else to say. They are probably two of the people I wanted to meet most — seriously (so I’m lucky they exist in Toronto) — and it turns out they’re also cool people in real life too!

That was a very fun day though. Evening. Very fun evening. Yeah.


… I’m going to go make some games now.


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