To Game Creators: Give Up.

I mean it. If you make games, you are going to need to give up. Maybe you need to give up some of the time, maybe most of the time– but it is important that you accept the following: You will fail, and if you do not accept that, you will only fail more. Okay? Bear with me for a bit.

If you spend too long fixated on an idea that you cannot make fun or interesting (or ‘GOOD‘, however you define it), you are going to end up spending far too long on an idea that you will ultimately give up on.

Or even worse, you will end up spending far too much time completing a BAD game.
And you don’t want that, do you?

So accept your failures and move on. The idea might be great, but not for you– sure, you might get further by fighting through the developmental difficulties, but what if you end up with a not-so-great game because you have to give up on making your game truly great? Or what if, in the time wasted fighting, you could have created two just as good games with half the effort?

Don’t get stuck on a failing, sinking idea, no matter how great the idea might have seemed initially– or even how great it seems at this very moment.

You will fail. You must give up. You need to press on and never stop picking yourself up and dusting yourself off and getting your ass in gear.


Do you need an analogy?
You are picking your way through a thick forest when you come across a path that is blocked– perhaps by a fallen tree, maybe by a field of poison ivy, or by something else entirely (a small cliff, a river, a wild animal).

As you proceed, you will run into obstacles; it is up to you to decide:

~ Will I press on and risk wasting time (or injury or even death)?

~ Or will I retrace my steps, and find a new path?

If you give up at every obstacle, the forest will become your prison– and it will become your final resting place. In the same way, if you have no persistence when creating games, you will never finish one.

However, if you brazenly press onwards with insane bravery… even if you do escape, you will be scratched up, injured, and you may have taken longer than if you had just used some judgements. Likewise with games, if you never learn to fail, to give up on ideas, you will end up wasting time in one way or another– and you may not even have a game to show for all your troubles in the end.


Ha! In the end it all comes back to the blog name.
“Lose Your Way”.
When you create, you will fail, or ‘lose’. When you do so, make sure you do it your way– on your own terms. Don’t let your loss catch you by surprise after months of struggling.

A good thing to help you decide early on whether you need to give up or not: Less Talk More Rock

Happy game making, everyone :)


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