Ludum Dare Eighteen: UNDERMINE

Hey, so, I made a game for Ludum Dare! Cool!
Even though I spent half of the time over at my grandparents’ house attending a wedding and reception in fancy attire, I managed to churn out a game that I am rather proud to call my own: Undermine. Click on the picture!

Okay so Ludum Dare makes me feel awesome, because I can make a game that I want to play a few times (at least) in 48 hours (or more like 24 hours plus some little extra bits minus an entirely normal amount of sleeping and eating); I didn’t even deprive myself of anything or work non-stop– I merely resisted all distractions.

1 ~ I made an awesome game: Undermine.
2 ~ I made an awesome song for Undermine.
3 ~ I made a pretty awesome font (part of it anyway, and the general style layout) for Undermine in the last 30-45 minutes of LD.



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