Why Make Games?

As I move into the realm of “sponsored flash game making”, I have to ask myself this important question: why do I make games? For how long shall I truly remain indie?

While I love the prospect of getting money for doing something I absolutely love to do,

and the amazing things that my games… inspire?…

such as this awesome thing by Kevin, from the tigsource forums

As much as I love the money and fame (haha – yeah right), I finally realized: there’s one all-important reason behind all this.

If I make money for making games, it means I get to spend more of my time making games and making people happy.

If people are inspired to make these kinds of things, it is proof, for me, that people really enjoyed something enough about my game to take some of their own time and make something based on it — as opposed to something else!

So: I make games because it makes me happy, and it makes other people happy. If I make money out of it, then I can spend more of my time making myself happy and other people happy through the means of my choice (that being this one). If I get more exposure or reputation out of it, then I will be able to reach a broader audience, thus making even more people happy for the same amount of work! It could also serve to make more money for me which, as stated, is good — and not just for the obvious reasons.

I don’t even know what to spend money on any more: I derive most of my enjoyment from free things.

… The best things in life are free. Wow. Never thought I’d, in my own roundabout way, come to that quote of a conclusion.

Anyway: as I’ve said in a quote on the indiegames blog post about FISHBANE and its trailer… I make games because I love to. If I never make a penny out of making games, so long as I know people appreciate what I do, I’ll keep on doing it as best I can :)


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