Pixels & Tunes & Media of Fishbane

For FISHBANE, I made more pixel art stuff than I have for any other of my games! Granted, the only other game I’ve really finished was Probability 0 (found on the my games page), but I really had to make a lot more!

Also, music: I made all the music — though I missed the musical wonders of JMickle, it was fun to make all three main tracks, the menu music, and the victory jingle (plus the trailer music). And the sound.

Right now I’d like to thank Dr. Petter for his fantastic, free projects, musagi and sfxr, because… well, without them, Fishbane might not have the music and sound it does today.


I’m really not sure how much time I spent on visuals and audio, but the time invested really was significant: but in the end, I believe it was worth it.


I don’t know what I’m talking about here, so I’m just gonna ramble on a little while; when I started out making games, I had at the back of my mind the intent to learn to draw. I’d never expected, however, to get to the point where I am now (making much larger still pixel art, even if it’s somewhat simple stuff) without having ever come from the top down. Never did I draw any concept art or anything of that sort for Mr. Fishbane, our diving suit friend; the bigger drawing was actually made out of a simple upscale of his standing sprite, which was probably the first thing I drew for this game!

Then I went on to make a bunch of other stuff and blah blah blah and you’re not really interested in this, are you?

I’m just gonna wrap up by saying “holy shit, I think I’m becoming a pixel artist, a musician, and a trailer-maker or something in addition to a game [verb][er/or]”. Never thought I’d be able to do it all on my own.


And I didn’t! I’d like to extend some thanks to offal, especially for the post he wrote here about what he did and our experiences along the way.

He designed some awesome levels, created the 10-second clip at the end of the trailer, and kept me on track. Many of the ideas and concepts that made it into the FISHBANE you see today (or, well, will see in the future) were thanks to him!

Cue Applause


I guess that’s it. It’s cool to be winding down after two weeks of work — where some days were solid, with me working up until 5 in the morning (please don’t do this; it’s not wise; I am such a fool), other days I was absent for several hours of the day. … Well, actually, these days usually corresponded with each other, since getting home around midnight drove me to work some more on the game. Funny how that works.

Where was I? Winding down. This blog post was supposedly to be about…

The Pixels: They were fun to make. I’m getting to love animation, and even if certain people don’t think 16×16 pixel art animations are big enough, I know lots of you appreciate it. Right? :D

The Tunes: Er, this is… Music, but it’s supposed to include sound. I made so many different musical pieces it’s not even funny. Eventually (with offal’s help again – really, you can just assume he was involved with everything, putting his hands where they don’t belong and making everything all the better for it in the end anyway!) I pared it down to three songs which I’ll link up soon enough. And the menu music, and the victory jingle — but those don’t count.

The Media: The trailer! I didn’t talk about it at all, and this is probably where you’re all coming from! There’s also this development timelapse which apparently, in its seven views, appeals most to males between 13 and 17 years old. Interesting. Back to the trailer, I struggled with wrestling several different combinations of screen recorder, video codec, and non-linear editor, until I gave in and got some great advice from ortoslon and podunkian on tigirc (This isn’t namedropping is it? I just want to thank them!) and used Camtasia. It has a great free trial! :D


Someday I’ll figure out how to write blog posts.


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