Hello, Inspiration!

I’m going to kind of rewind a bit to what inspired me to make FISHBANE, which is, happily, nearing completion! :D

Step One: FISHBANE had been defined as a character I wanted to make a game with. He has a diving suit — in the other two incarnations, he first used fish as weapons to kill other fish (unfinished) and second he could throw a harpoon (as with this Fishbane).

Step Two: http://www.tigsource.com/2010/05/05/jed/

I became irritated at platformer games that were still exploring the same boring-ass shit we’ve seen already. I didn’t get very far in Jed, because there really wasn’t anything new. Yes, you can flip worlds when you step into funny portals but does that really make the same old platforming more interesting? Even when pressured by enemies that move in a pattern, it’s just… it’s all the same and I was growing more aggravated at (but mostly bored by) how it (and sometimes other platformers) just rehashed what is familiar and overdone in the world of platformers without adding anything new. (Hope I’m not being too harsh here :/ I’m sure a lot of people enjoyed that game! :D)

Step Three: Prototyping is my hero.

I made a little prototype with a little Fishbane running around and a low jump. He could throw his one harpoon, and call it back to himself. The plan was to let him jump on it when it stuck into a wall, and also let him use it as a weapon. “Maybe this will be fun!” I pondered to myself, though I was unsure. And then it hit me; the mechanic that I would use.

Step Four: Spend less than two weeks making the game and its level and enemies and working out design and making tiles etc (oh and bugfixing and stuff)

Step Five: Make a blog post about how FISHBANE CAME TO BE.

Here we are, at step five. Time to catch up to the future, I guess.


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