That is not a typo; it is the past tense of ‘troubleshoot’.

I ran into an issue with Fishbane, and as a result I got all philosophical about these giant roadblocks; all I really needed to do was discover the one tiny flaw.

In this case, it was an undocumented issue with the module I was using, but that’s not really important.

It’s just… interesting how one can get stuck on the smallest of problems and travel all over the place (to old code, to entirely separate pieces of code, etc.) when the problem is right in front of you, and so very miniscule.

In any case, the trouble has been shot. It’s gone. Finally. Progress is otherwise good.


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2 responses to “Troubleshot

  • offal

    yeah when this happens to me i tend to ravage my code to pieces, furiously looking for the problem. and then once the issue is isolated, everything else is left in ribbons. basically, i have learned to keep an absurd number of back-ups.

    from the looks of things you are a much more competent/sane programmer than i.
    fishbane is coming along quite fine. =)

    • Droqen

      Haha, I think I do tend to keep backups too… it’s a good thing I switch between coding on my laptop and my desktop, because it gave me a point to go back to when I was struggling with code.

      Maybe not to ribbons, but I can definitely screw up some of my unrelated code if I’m desperate enough :x

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