Don’t be Amazing!

I told myself this: don’t try to make amazing games.

Not every game you make has to end up a masterpiece — and certainly they don’t have to start out that way. Probability 0, a game I now love with all my heart, started as an intriguing but not amazing idea and blossomed through development.

So here I am with a new game, which I am attempting to prototype the fun of, and I’ve made it in just a good handful of hours (why the hell am I still awake?).

A glimpse of the game.

He is standing on a harpoon, above spikes and a slime.

Wish me the best of luck.

I think that prototyping is an incredibly valuable step in the creation of games: you can have a solid idea, but what good is it to ponder about all the minute details if you haven’t bothered to try the core of your game to see if it’s fun? And, almost as importantly, fresh? Sure, one game about jumping, or shooting zombies, etc. might be fun, but it can’t be the same fun present in games that have already saturated (or over-saturated) the minds of gamers from all over, or the fun will be diminished.

I kind of got off-track here, but… prototype not-amazing ideas. Make games that seem like they could be fun, and if they turn out amazing, well — so much the better, I say! :D


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