Goddamn Platforms!

Let us say there exist two systems: a large home computer type thing, and a small mobile computer type thing. If you make a game for the small one, you can run it on the big one. If you make a game for the big one, you could run it on the small one but depending on system requirements it might be slow and boggy and stuff.

If someone makes a game, anyone can run it as long as their system (yes, these machines are still made up of parts that can be changed around and shit) can handle it.

I would love this.

Unfortunately, we have three current consoles, two major (ish) computer operating systems that are used for personal use plus some others (linux is not huge but it’s pretty damn big; unix is very common but generally used for systems; etc), and two (I think?) mobile systems. Then there are cellphones and iPhones and goddamn it what if a game exists on a system I don’t have and I don’t want to buy the stupid thing yes I am pretty annoyed by this whole entire situation.

I can understand it under some circumstances, but basically it comes down to people paying more for hardware, or people accessing a limited variety of software and that shit’s just not cool.

Oh, and then stuff like this comes along and makes me write an angry, rambling blog post such as this one. Grr.


Let me be very clear about my stance on this. I want every single platform to go and die and make all software run on one system as much as is reasonably possible and I know this isn’t going to happen ever but I very, very strongly believe that we could be much fucking closer to this state than we are now.

I understand the “oh noo but what about people who don’t want to buy a gaming PC and just want to get a console because it’s cheaper” argument but there’s no reason you couldn’t design a console to run on exactly the same stuff as the rest of my dreamland supersystem world.

… I can dream, anyway. Right?


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