A revelation so noteworthy I made a double post.

Use tools that you like, and are comfortable with. I like Python. I am comfortable with Python. And unfortunately, Flash is way easier to distribute and makes smaller files and stuff like that but I’m just not working very well prototyping in FlashDevelop ):

So I turned to my better tool — I returned to my friendly neighbourhood Python + Pyglet, and hopefully this means I’ll be getting more good stuff done.

Not to say I’m not going to be working in Flash (with FlashPunk)… I’m just not going to be making basic prototypes in it unless I really want to share a prototype with people in a friendly way :D


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One response to “Revelation

  • Droqen

    Hey, welcome to the future where I do all of my prototyping in flash. Just goes to show: sometimes NOT BEING A LAZY JERK is a GOOD IDEA. Take that, past-Droqen. Good luck with learning new prototyping languages, future-Droqen!

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