Personal Progress: Music, Games.

Have a song of mine!


So I like making music, and frequently I find my own music quite sub-par but I kinda like this music that I’ve made for no specific reason. It’s strange how I can make music with no reason whatsoever, but I can very rarely do so with programming or pixel art.


Okay. Games. A sequel to Probability 0? Yes… it’s still in mind, but not down anywhere. It’ll happen, I promise you that, but it may not be too soon.

I’ve been working on a few things such as

  • A smaller Roguelike which does things in a simpler but more… complex… way?
  • An RPG combat system that attempts to be more interesting than the usual fare.
  • A weird shmup that focuses on obscuring yourself from the view of an onlooker.

I will try to post a bit more :x

I’ve been much too stolen away by Haven and Hearth recently.


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