Rant: Money versus Good

Damn you, money! Damn you to hell.

Okay that was a bit of a violent start to things, but basically: When did people start designing for money instead of for goodness? Has it always been like this? When you design a game primarily to attract hype and purchases and allow making it a good game to fall to shotgun or even the back seat, there is something wrong here.

I understand companies exist to make money, and not to make enjoyment. Yes, I know this, and I understand it. A company has to make money. Employees need to be paid, and so do various costs for systems and internet and upkeep and shit.

However, I am certain that from this stems so many problems that it’s not even funny. The business of video games may be a big market these days, but so many games are failing to push the envelope. Is it the fault of the gamers? Of course not — it’s simply entertainment. Crazies like me (and possibly you) are the only ones who think so much about game design that more and more games fail to be fun. Many people are just happy to play a mediocre game with a single thing that stands out, whether it’s amazing special effects, immersive and deep atmosphere, or really nice real-time shadows.

I think my unhappiness with marketing is going to be a trend that I feel the need to talk about every so often. I just realized I’ve already made a blog post about exactly this.

If you make a good game, it is highly unlikely that you will be unable to market it well. Therefore, make a good game and then think about marketing; don’t do it the other way around. I beg of you, please do this.


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2 responses to “Rant: Money versus Good

  • offal

    “I don’t want to be rich. If I get rich, then I won’t be able to make the sort of games I want. You need to work at it, you know? If you keep thinking about making games that sell a lot, then you wind up unable to make the games you really want.” – Masato Maegawa, CEO, Treasure

  • Droqen

    Oh, wow! That’s an amazing quote.
    Really, truly awesome. :3


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