Unique Enemies

Hey, so, that blind game I was working on? Bye bye! The blindness, in its current incarnation, wasn’t turning out to be so much fun. Maybe I could have done something different, but I found myself enamored by a different idea.

Before I get to it, though, let’s talk about Cave Story and Unique Enemies. Why don’t many games have these? There are boss battles, sure, but Cave Story had these few unique enemies: there was no story behind them, but the guy in the graveyard and… and the chin fish… they were one of a kind, and yet there was no real reason for them to exist. They added a nice bit of flavour to these areas, and I suppose that’s what counts, right?

I imagine they don’t exist because it would require a lot of work to be put into an enemy that’s only going to exist… once. Bosses are alright, because they’re suitably epic, but still! Where are the unique enemies? Just one or two seen-once enemies add something a little special. Maybe nobody really thought about it before? I don’t know!

Regardless, my current concept is… related to uniqueness among enemies, in its own way. I’ll keep up with updates on progress, I guess.


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