Pixel Fonts + New Game, Inksight

I love pixel fonts and I will never stop loving them. It’s so cool to put a font together. I’m going to share with you a little font I made sort of by accident? I started with a single letter and allowed it to grow from there. I’ll probably write more about pixel fonts — or other forms of pixel art — in general in the future as I have a growing appreciation for this sort of thing.

Lose Your Way

So, as you can see, that’s a little thing I tossed together for this website. I didn’t actually make a full set for the font, but I have quite a few letters made.

Pixel fonts: I really love them. Working with them is always fun, somehow, even when I run into uncomfortable situations (like trying to make a nice-looking X without diagonal lines that look shitty at small resolution, a narrow but readable W or M, and sometimes I get into trouble with capital Y as well). Applying a certain style to the full alphabet is so fun to work with, and I’ve noticed this especially since working with them more and more. I’m not really knowledgeable enough to give any advice (yet?) or meaningful commentary, so I’ll finish off with this and move onto Inksight.

Inksight is a game based off a mechanic discussed with a friend more than a year ago; the concept is that of a “blind” character in a platformer game. That said, it is important to note that the character is blind — the player gets a visual representation of the character’s other senses (as well as, obviously, an audial one of the character’s hearing). When you walk on ground, it is revealed and held in the character’s “memory” as an on-screen representation. Enemies make sounds and can be located by those sounds.

Right now I’m just testing it out to see what I can make fun, and whether or not this idea is interesting  to play with. I will deign to keep progress updated.


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