Hey, you get to read about my life just a teensy bit more before I get back to the game design stuff, okay?

University is kind of busy making me not do anything but rehash old stuff I’ve learned before — but it’s getting better at wasting my time doing so!

There’s a lot more an actually motivated person can learn on his or her own; unfortunately, doing so won’t ever get you a degree so that job people can applaud you and let you in through their doors :/

So, back I go to the myriad of dull and drab assignments. I’m glad this coming week is a break!

Oh, and I should talk about that Hand Eye Society thing. Capybara showed off their two upcoming games (one for Wii, the other for iPhone), and they looked pretty cool. One was all rhythmtastic and looked like a different sort of Elite Beat Agents; the other had amazing pixel art but I was disappointed by the lack of playing there seemed to be. Also it’s a game for a system I don’t have, so nyeh.

Additionally I met Jonathan Mak (you ought to know who he is) and maybe he’s reading this right now! — It’s sort of weird, because I know someone else with the exact same name except he’s a totally different guy (unless I have been misled all this time and the Jonathan Mak I’ve known for years is a master of disguise).

I got a bit off-topic there. Anyway, it was an interesting experience and now back to working on stuff I have no drive to work on. At least it’s easy.


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