Lose Your Way

Lose Your Way is a newly born blog o’ mine about game design (huzzah).

When you are designing a game, sometimes it can help to Lose Your Way along the path to that final product — it can bring to light new concepts you never thought of, or give you a better view of your goal from the outside.

When you are playing a game, the ability to Lose Your Way is a heavy topic. If you can get lost in a world and feel immersed or excited, instead of frustrated, I believe that the game has done something right.

And should you fail, I believe it’s important that if (and when) you lose, you lose in a way that’s all your own. The designer doesn’t tell you how to lose; the game doesn’t seal your fate as you sit and watch, helpless and hopeless or simmering gently over frustration at a badly-designed mechanic or an unfairly unexpected obstacle. You feel as if you’ve done something wrong, but at least you’ve a story to tell — and a lesson to remember. Not a game, a designer, nor raw code should be able to tell you how to lose. You should be able to Lose Your Way.


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Droqen is a game designer/developer/creator/etc. from Toronto, Ontario. View all posts by Droqen

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